Want to attend auditions?

With classes back in full swing now we are about to open our Casting Agency again for new registrations for ATA pupils.

ATA casting agency has been running alongside our theatre school for over 15 years and has grown tremendously during this time.

We are very proud to have many huge success’s amongst our pupils who opt to attend professional auditions. Of course, we cannot guarantee performing work for our pupils, it is a notoriously tough industry that we are in. Only 7% of actors are in work at any one time and all pupils must be prepared to face rejection at auditions more often than success. But if they can embrace the opportunities, develop a thick skin and a resilience to ‘not being cast’, it will serve them well in all aspects of life. We have seen pupils positively relish the prospect of an audition and the chance to show what they can do’, even when they haven’t got the job. With perseverance they have developed a mature audition/interview technique and an ability to deal with pressurised situations and take them on the chin which has served them well in all aspects of life, particularly with college and university interviews.

We consider ourselves very lucky to have made strong bonds with casting directors at all major TV companies, commercial producers and children’s directors for  both local and West End productions. This has provided a wealth of opportunity’s for our pupils, with many winning West End and TV roles. We have celebrated many proud moments, too many to count, watching our pupils in major TV drama’s and West End shows and regularly seeing them in TV commercials. An all time high was when 8 of our boys were selected to perform alongside Dermot O’Leary at the LIVE X Factor final.
If you are interested in your child attending auditions do email us for further information. There is a lot for parents to consider and we pride ourselves on being very honest about the pro’s and con’s of attending professional castings. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge and we are always happy to answer any questions that you may have and to give advice drawing on our expertise.

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