Just wanted to drop a line to say what a great idea it was touching base with all the kids via video link…felt a bit emotional really, as I walked into my daughters bedroom and saw all the children online. I can’t imagine how you must be feeling.

Thank you Lucy. My little one is loving the online classes!

Thank you for all your amazing classes. You are brilliant. Thank you for keeping our house sane! 

Thank you for all that you are doing, we really look forward to her class each week.

My daughter has been really enjoying her morning warm up classes. They are just superb. She was very excited to do the dance you taught and has recorded one this afternoon.

First of all, thank you so much for leaping into action so quickly and finding a way to keep ATA doing it’s thing.  Your enthusiasm and energy has been amazing and is inspiring for the youngsters and parents alike and it’s really great that they can keep some sense of normality through this horrible time.

I just wanted to say how good the online classes are – I sat in on the drama one last night and it was a bonus for me to actually see a class live! 

I just wanted to say how inspired we have been by your determination and to thank-you for the wonderful classes you and your team have been providing this week – My daughter has been absolutely thrilled and we will continue to support ATA and take part for as long as is necessary.

Wow! Tonight was amazing. Thank you. 

You are simply brilliant. The way you greeted the children tonight was absolutely lovely.    I was there throughout for both of my children’s classes  … trying to stay out of shot! Our family loved the class on Wednesday Lucy thank you so much.

You guys are just the gift that keep on giving!

Wow! you just keep plugging away, so proud of all you have been doing for the kids at this time. Its keeping them and us parents sane. You are all stars and we are soo lucky to be part of ATA.

Lucy, I have to say how amazing you guys are with all you are trying to offer for the kids and families in these troubling times. We are loving the morning wake up sessions and very excited about her Friday evening session as well. Thank you all for such amazing support for the kids.

My son really enjoyed the session last night, it was just so much fun for him to be part of.

Thank you guys for all your hard work – we loved it! Stay safe!

Thank you for keeping us sane!! Good luck with your home schooling.

My two loved it, thank you all so much  Thank you so much! It was the easiest hour of the day!!!

My son had a great time! At one point, I was going to join in! See you in the morning!

Thanks Lucy – She loves it!

Lucy, I really love how you incorporated activities that were especially for these home-based classes. Clearly so much thought and care has gone into your planning in such a short time. Girls had a great class and I enjoyed being able to watch them instead of sitting in the car park haha! x

Thank you Lucy, I loved the session and she had a great time.

Thank you!! We loved it.  Stay safe 💗

Thank you Lucy and team . The classes are so well thought out! So grateful 💖

The girls loved their virtual class tonight – thank you xx

Was so lovely to hear him laughing and having fun with his ATA Family.

Thank you so much for this morning! He loved it.. Took a little while to understand it was live but once you talked to him he was so excited and as you saw, really joined in. Next week is in the diary already x

Thank you for last nights class, she had a great time! It sounded as though she was going to come through the ceiling at one point 🙈 Well done to you all!

She really enjoyed last night too:) Thank you and the rest of The ATA team for all your hard work.

Sooo happy you are doing this don’t know how I would have coped without ATA! x

My girls loved their virtual lesson tonight! Thank you so much! X

Thank you ATA for all you do. The live link up was a great. Stay safe x

So so pleased and happy to see this!! lovely to see classes going ahead and there being so much support, it’s a tough time to be in this industry and seeing this makes me feel so proud to have been a part of ATA for so many years x

This is all fantastic thank you ever so, much for putting these sessions in place. Such a great way to keep the children involved. Xx

What an amazing idea thank you so much to you all for organising this. She is so happy that this is going ahead. Xx

What an amazing idea thank you so much to you all for organising this. She is so happy that this is going ahead. Xx

Lucy this is fantastic!  Well done for keeping positive and offering such a brilliant alternative. Thank you

Fantastic idea live on line lessons, we didn’t want it to end.. Well done and thank you for all the dedication you guys have, you have an amazing passion for your craft and that shines through  👍👍👍

You guys are amazing! Can’t believe you’ve managed to do so much in such a short time 🥰 x

ATA you rock!!! This is all so amazing – thank you for carrying on your excellent work xx

This was such a lovely video to watch – so amazing to hear how quickly you have responded to the challenging times that we now face! Whilst I no longer attend ATA, I used to love coming every Friday and I’m sure there are going to be hundreds of happy members who cannot wait to log on each week! Congratulations everyone – onwards and upwards ⭐️❤️

Our daughter enjoyed Friday’s session so much. She was a bit nervous to stand in front of the camera at first, but her face was a picture as soon as all of her friends were waving and saying Hi 😍. Thanks so much for finding a way to keep going, and for doing it so quickly and professionally x

How fabulous. I know Florence will miss her Wednesday class so this is a great idea. Please send me the info Thankyou so much xxx

I watched it with my son. What a brilliant thing to do. He loved it. Thank you x

It was brilliant! Thank you so much x

I had a sneaky look in earlier- SOOOO fabulous what you are doing!

Thank you so much for doing this and the 8am slot, made a real difference to our day!

Exciting stuff lucy please keep going we love you so very much 💗

She was sad and has been practising for her exam, so this will cheer her up. Thanks, guys, for coming up with such an awesome way for the pupils to still be part of a team!

I don’t know how I’m going to cope without my second family!!  Excited for all of this to happen!! lots of love💕

Amazing ATAs. He is super excited. Thank you!

Defo looking forward to this 💞 missing the family lots already!

So happy all the arts is continuing, he is so happy x truly wonderful teachers.

Amazing news- so pleased Lottie can continue with classes. She put on her ATAs t shirt today and did some dancing for us!

Well done ATAs team.That has really lifted his spirits. He is buzzing. Really appreciate your efforts

Hello! This is brilliant, thank you so much for this. It’s made her day! x

You’ve all been such great teachers and I’m always impressed by your dedication and enthusiasm.

Great session this morning she totally enjoyed it, thanks so much, god bless you all! We’re looking forward to next week⭐️!

Thanks so much for the online classes. They’re fab. They are both loving them!

So far I have to say she is super excited about seeing you guys most days and doing routines etc etc and we are moving her daily schedule to accommodate this as much as possible.

Thank you so much. She really loved it! X

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for all the effort you have put into keeping our children trained and in contact with their friends.  It really helped cheer her up to see you, Amy and her friends during the online class. We hope you can do this regularly.

Thank you for this opportunity. Kids are so excited 😆 

These are difficult times but thank you so so much for ALWAYS prioritising our children and their welfare.

To all the wonderful staff at ATA, We’d like to say a huge thank you for your efforts to continue with classes and retain some normality for the children in your care. ATA is the highlight of her week; she always comes home from her session in high spirits and shares everything she has learnt with you. With growing pressure on schools and the curriculum you provide a ‘something special’ that our daughter would not otherwise experience and for that we are very grateful.

Dear Lucy I just wanted to drop you a line to say a great big thank you to you and the whole ATA team for all you have done, and continue to do, for my four children who, collectively, have been attending ATA for more than 12 years. It is difficult to put into words the massive part you have played in all their lives, not only with the amazing training you provide, but the numerous performing opportunities you offer. This has always been the case, however, I have to also mention the outstanding provision and support you have delivered during these difficult and unprecedented times, particularly for these young people. All of mine would have been lost without you these past 14 weeks, you have given them a much needed routine and, particularly for my son, a way to hone his performing skills and still be able to see and chat to his friends in the ‘green room’. A much-needed release from the daily pressure of his self-taught schooling. The morning warm-ups are, in his words, ‘the only reason he wants to get up in the morning’! As you know, he has been through some difficult times and ATA has always been his ‘happy place’ – I honestly don’t know how he would have got through those challenging times without your support. We have all benefitted so much from the 3 classes per week – many more than they attend under normal circumstances – and I get the chance to sing along and learn the dances too ! We were all so sad when lockdown was announced and you contacted us to say that you were unsure of the future of ATA. The thought of not having you in all our lives, even mine, is not something we like to even consider. We are truly grateful for your continued efforts during lockdown and are looking forward to all the exciting things you have in the pipeline. Having said that, the children cannot wait until normality resumes and they can all be together again in person with both their friends and the ‘family’ they call All the Arts.

My daughter has been attending their classes since 2016 when she was almost 4 years old. She has always been a quiet and shy child but All The Arts changed that. Since joining their sessions she has gone from strength to strength developing skills in an area that is her natural passion with the support, love and kindness of all the teachers at All The Arts. She has carried out a wide range of exams where she has excelled every time due to their excellent tutoring and support. During this pandemic that has left the nation on its knees they have continued to do everything and anything they can to help and support each and every child that attends their clubs and beyond. The virtual sessions have not only been value for money but they have offered the children an opportunity to connect, to feel some normality in an otherwise disturbing time. My daughter is extremely sensitive to change and as an only child her social relationships and extra curricular activities mean everything to her. The day the country shut down her world suddenly stopped and she was shattered and broken for the loss she felt….. and that would have only been the start had it not been for All The Arts.

I believe that you have really supported my children’s mental wellbeing during this period. You have been the person who has listened to them and praised them. You have allowed them to share learning and experiences. Most importantly, you created an opportunity for children to see and interact with other children which is crucial to a child’s development and particularly at a time when children could have felt extremely isolated. You have made a huge difference to so many children’s lives over the last 3 months. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being the person who made life as ‘normal’ as possible for my children (and me) during this unsettling time. We hope we can return to classes soon, Many thanks

Speaking plainly now, I need to express how much ATA does for hundreds of other children locally, not just my own son. I have seen countless kids grow in confidence over the years, with EVERY one of them being given the chance to shine. All the Arts constantly and tirelessly put on shows, not only for parents, but also supporting community platforms such as Chislehurst Rocks, local fairs, Christmas parades…… If there is a local event happening, you can guarantee there will be a troupe of ATA children performing.

My daughter has been attending All The Arts from the age of 7 and she is 16 now. All The Arts are an amazing Theatre School with great teachers who the children all love, with affordable prices they are very well known in the community for their charity work as well. My daughter has grown in confidence over the years and has taken her IDTA and LAMDA Exams every year with great success. All The Arts are like family and they are so supportive and helpful with everything they do. My daughter loves All The Arts and would be devastated if she no longer could attend. Without All The Arts my daughter would not be where she is today and that is waiting to attending London College of Performing Arts in September. All The Arts are a truly amazing Theatre School and i would high recommend their school if anyone was interested in building their children’s confidence and making friends and having the most fun.

One of the things I like best about All The Arts is that every child gets the same opportunities to perform in public at different venues, regardless of age or ability. They are totally inclusive and the happiness and wellbeing of their pupils/students is at the heart of everything they do. They are a real asset to the local community.

Our 2 daughters have been attending All the Arts since the age of 3. They are now 16 and 12 years old. They have enjoyed every minute of being part of ATA and continue to enjoy it. They have participated in shows; with lots of dancing, singing, speech and drama and loads and loads of performances. They have also done LAMDA and Dance examinations. ATA has been a vital part of their childhood with all the opportunities given to them to take part in performances. ATA has helped build their confidence and provided opportunities to be involved in advertisements, pantomimes, and films. The teachers in ATA are absolutely fantastic and so supportive and go over and beyond to ensure ALL the children with various abilities are well taken care of and individual needs are met.

During this lockdown period, ATA has been able to transform and to creatively meet our children’s needs and provide classes and various workshops even with the limitations of social distancing and online platforms. We continue to benefit from all that ATA provides and I would recommend ATA to any child of any age again and again.

Angel has attended several other performing arts schools, which we felt lacked real training and passion. We heard great stories about ATA and decided to give it a try. We have not looked back. Angel fitted in perfectly with both the other students and trainers. There is a real passion for enhancing, nurturing and improving the students at ATA. Lucy and her team of passionate trainers have guided Angel through her Lamda exam, in which she earned a Distinction, of which we are so proud. ATA also hosts numerous performance and exhibition shows throughout the year and Angel has taken part in several of these in the Bromley Borough. During her time at ATA, Angel has also performed at various external shows and has had opportunities to perform. Therefore, the overall impact of ATA on Angel, as a person and for her long term life and career choices, is most definitely that it is of enormous value and has huge impact on its students. Even in this season of lockdown and difficulty, Lucy and the team at ATA have continued to work tirelessly behind the scenes, no doubt at personal cost, hosting Zoom training sessions and meetings in an attempt to keep the flames of passion burning bright in their students. It is no surprise that Angel is very eager and looking forward to getting back to some sort of normal weekly training, a fact I am sure will be echoed by numerous other students who attend ATA.

I feel it is also really important to encourage children into hobbies and interests before they hit their teenage years, bringing boys and girls into a positive group safe space to express, develop and bloom within themselves, ATA absolutely do this and I feel it is vital that at this time of concern that every effort is made for this service to continue to provide children in these boroughs to have access to low cost quality training, excellent performing opportunities both locally and afar.

All the Arts Theatre School has been an absolute godsend to my children (16 and 13) for many, many  years. They first started attending at ages 5 and 8 years. ATA have helped to keep my children and others grounded, confident and well rounded  young people.

All the Arts gives them a sense of belonging like an extended family almost. It keeps them occupied and on a level. Also keeping them from hanging around the streets.

Both my daughters love singing and dancing and thoroughly enjoy ATA. Lockdown has been a very tough time for them, so to watch them get so excited and take part in their online classes has been truly wonderful. ATA  has provided them with a support network during this difficult time, a place to talk and a vital link to some form of normality.

The ATA team and children have brought a lot of positivity to our home. As a family, we thoroughly enjoyed taking part with the ATA community in the NHS Danceathon, one of our Lockdown highlights as a family.

Since joining ATA, I have watched the confidence in both my children grow and I know many other families have similar experiences.  Keeping ATA going during this unprecedented time is so important and I hope Bromley council can see that this organisation provides much needed support and focus to a lot of young people in the community. My son has wanted to Act from a very young Age, now 20 he is just completing his final Diploma year in Performing Arts.  This is all thanks to the support and encouragement from Lucy and the Team at All The Arts. He started with All The Arts in 2006.  He was shy, lacked confidence and not particularly co-ordinated.  With the understanding, help and training given by All The Arts he is a brilliant Dancer, Actor and Singer.  It is because of them he overcame his shyness and gained confidence and got into a Performing Arts College. He still attends All The Arts and has taken several LAMDA & IDTA exams with them.  He has performed on stage at Her Majestys Theatre, Sadlers Wells, The Royal Albert Hall to name a few.   They also take part in local festivals in Chislehurst, Eltham, Sidcup, Danson, Dartford, Bluewater.  All The Arts work really hard to help all their pupils and give them amazing opportunities