My daughter has been attending their classes since 2016 when she was almost 4 years old. She has always been a quiet and shy child but All The Arts changed that. Since joining their sessions she has gone from strength to strength developing skills in an area that is her natural passion with the support, love and kindness of all the teachers at All The Arts.

She has carried out a wide range of exams where she has excelled every time due to their excellent tutoring and support.

During this pandemic that has left the nation on its knees they have continued to do everything and anything they can to help and support each and every child that attends their clubs and beyond.

The virtual sessions have not only been value for money but they have offered the children an opportunity to connect, to feel some normality in an otherwise disturbing time.

My daughter is extremely sensitive to change and as an only child her social relationships and extra curricular activities mean everything to her. The day the country shut down her world suddenly stopped and she was shattered and broken for the loss she felt….. and that would have only been the start had it not been for All The Arts.