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Tell Us Your Thoughts!

So that we can continue to develop our centre we would be interested in some feedback from our regular pupils & their parents!

Can you tell us firstly “Why you initially selected ATA as your theatre school of choice?” and “why you still attend classes at our school?” Please comment below….

  • Patricia Richards I am the grandmother of a child of 9, who has grown into a confident young lady. Which in turn gives her a good attitude where ever and whenever it鈥檚 needed. She鈥檚 been at All. The Arts for some 3- 4 years and enjoys it every week taking on the yearly exams in her stride. I also have a granddaughter 15 that helps out with some of the classes. 馃憤Hide or report this
  • Heidi Samsoondar We saw a lot of social media presence and always see the ATA children performing at local events. So, thought why not do a trial for our 3 year old son, I was so impressed that he took to the class straight away. We joined to help build up his confidence. Credit to great teachers, he is really enjoying the class. Your website made it easy to book a trial too.Hide or report this
    • AuthorAll The Arts Theatre School Thank you Heidi for the lovely feedback. We are all loving having Ryan in his classes and he is gaining more and more confidence each week that he comes in!1Hide or report this
  • Jo Berry Recommended by many and has helped my sons confidence. He is accepted and there never any pressure put on him everything is done with a smile. He is encouraged to succeed and even rejections within the industry are made to be positives. My son loves c鈥See moreHide or report this
    • AuthorAll The Arts Theatre School Thank you for the lovely review Jo. Alfie is doing so fabulously in class and we are all so fond of him, he is becoming a really confident, brilliant young performer x1Hide or report this
  • Derren Nathan Anything for a 3.5yo at weekends?Hide or report this“Most relevant” is selected, so some replies may have been filtered out.View 1 more reply
  • Helen King We moved our girls over to All The Arts from another dance school, as a friend recommended ATA , the variety of dance, singing and acting was amazing and the girls showed such an interest in all areas. After the first trial lesson we knew this was the 鈥See moreHide or report this
    • AuthorAll The Arts Theatre School Thanks Helen, we love the girls they are so enthusiastic and bubbly and a pleasure to teach, it was lovely seeing them both doing so well in their exam today too xHide or report this
  • Samantha Mckerell Jake told me he wanted to be an Actor – he was attending school in Chislehurst at the time. I can’t remember how I found All The Arts but I am so glad I did. All the Arts is a great place for your child to learn about drama and dance. The team are f鈥See more1Hide or report this
  • Alison Argent All the Arts is an exceptional theatre school. With dedicated staff striving to develop and nurture each and every one of its pupils, either in class or behind the scenes.

    Since joining ATA 7 years ago my daughter has never looked back. She loves pe鈥See moreHide or report this
  • Lucy Jane Plaskasovitis My daughter has only been at ATA for a little over a year but she lives for her Friday evenings at New Eltham. The opportunities that have been given to her are amazing and she becomes more confident with every one. We chose ATA, although it is not ver鈥See moreHide or report this
  • Emma-Jo Read I have worked for ATA from the start pretty much, and that says it all! To be able to work for company that cares about each and every student and provides such responsible, professional, quality & affordable training for children is fantastic. Watching the children grow & develop into confident and well rounded young performers is humbling. Plus we all have the MOST fun! I 鉂わ笍馃挍馃枻 ATA! Xxx1Hide or report this
  • Teresa Cullen I looked into lots of school for my daughter Angel.. ATA was the one that stood out most for me, with affordable classes, as well as exam opportunities. she has now been there for 3 years we travel from Surrey Quays (8 miles) to go every Friday. It’s a brilliant school with excellent first class teachers that make your children feel like part of the ATA family 鉂わ笍Hide or report this
    • AuthorAll The Arts Theatre School Thanks Theresa, Angel is a delight and is developing into a superb little performer, we are very grateful to you for making the long journey each week!Hide or report this
  • Jade Barrett I decided to go to all the arts because I have always been into performing it was recommended by my mums friend and I absolutely love it, and don’t think I can and would want to give it up. All the arts have given me so many unforgettable opportunities鈥See moreHide or report this
    • AuthorAll The Arts Theatre School Jade, thank you for the lovely review. We are all so very proud of you, your brilliant supportive attitude and your natural talent for performing makes our job worth while. Keep up the fantastic work, you’re a joy to have at ATA xHide or report this
  • Erin Clancy I could write a dissertation on how amazing my last 9 years at ATA have been, but nobody will probably want to read that! ATA has helped me so much as both as a performer and as a person, and has shaped and driven my passion for theatre and performance鈥See more2Hide or report this
    • AuthorAll The Arts Theatre School You have been an absolute pleasure to teach Erin and have turned into an exceptional performer, we wish you so much love and luck in your future journey at uni, but the ATA door is always open and we hope you will come back & see us and tell us all your news 馃槝馃槝馃槝1Hide or report this
  • Georgina Doig All The Arts is the best theatre school around. I looked into many others but none gave as many equal and amazing opportunities as ATA. When I joined I felt instantly welcomed and it was like they were my family. I never knew that I would love it as mu鈥See more1Hide or report this
    • AuthorAll The Arts Theatre School Ah, Georgina! What a pleasure it has been to see you develop from a 6 year old to the incredible talented young lady you are today! We are delighted you have now joined our team xxx1Hide or report this
  • Vickie Houlihan Having danced since I was 3 I attended many dance/theatre schools before joining ATA and never felt at home – I wish I’d found ATA sooner! The competitiveness and bitchiness of other dance schools is non-existent at All The Arts and everyone was friend鈥See moreHide or report this
  • Vanessa Reilly My children love 鉂わ笍 All The Arts. Aoife has been attending ATA’s since she was only 3 years old. She started as a Little Star in Mottingham. Now she is a junior Diamond at New Eltham and will be 9 years old next month. Not sure where that time has gone鈥See moreHide or report this
    • AuthorAll The Arts Theatre School Thanks Vanessa, both Aoife & Lorcan are a joy! We can’t believe how much Aoife has developed from a tiny 3 year old, who used to get upset coming in to class, to a brilliantly confident young lady & a wonderful performer. Both children are so enthusiastic and happy and we all love having them at ATA, it wouldn’t be the same without them x1Hide or report this
  • Debbie Newton My Kiera has been going now for a few months and has come so far in a short time she’s right opened up I couldn’t thank ata enough she’s so happy when there I can’t wait to see them all this saterday at the tall ship event xHide or report this
  • Holly Richards Cook My son has been attending All the Arts since he was 3 years old! He began in the Little Stars class and has worked his way up into the seniors – time has flown and Ben has loved every second. He has undertaken several IDTA and LAMDA exams as well as 鈥See more4Hide or report this
    • AuthorAll The Arts Theatre School Thanks Holly. Ben continues to make us so proud, we have enjoyed his development in performing arts since he was the tiniest little boy that we taught, who got a recall on his very first audition ( Nanny Mcvee) Ben continues to work so hard, he is a sh鈥See more3Hide or report this
  • Jess Routley I started All the Arts about 9years ago,after being recommended by a friend, and I have to say its one of the best decisions me and my parents have made! When I joined ATA, I instantly felt welcomed, and although I had only danced before, I began to f鈥See moreHide or report this
    • AuthorAll The Arts Theatre School Thank you Jess, you are a star in the making and we can’t wait to see you perform as Juliet at The Orchard next week, you are a credit to ATA x1Hide or report this
  • Janine Oseman Sam and I chose ATA after he ‘outgrew’ previous drama groups and wanted to pursue this more seriously. The opportunity to take LAMDA exams and to access the casting agency were big factors in choosing ATA. The convenient location of NEMC was a huge bon鈥See moreHide or report this
  • Hayley Preston When looking for a theatre school for Rachel , my main concern was cost. ATA were by far the most affordable in terms of price and length of time attending, compared to other theatre or stage schools. For Rachel it was all about attending to gain confidence, have a wider circle of friends and gain skills to perfect her craft and have opportunities otherwise denied 鈽篐ide or report this
  • Claire White I chose All The Arts Theatre School as they OPENED ARMED accepted my Twins. Alfie has Down syndrome; he loves it, has flourished, gained confidence and experience and I accredit him as the young man he is today to the love, help, encouragement, motivation and support he has received over the last 5 years at All The Arts Theatre School <3 xx3Hide or report this
    • AuthorAll The Arts Theatre School Claire, we are so proud of both Alfie & Alice they are a credit to ATA, a pleasure to have in class, always polite, enthusiastic & happy and both making superb progress, thank you for bringing them to us, Bexley would not be the same without the three of you, & thank you for organising our car park too xxxxHide or report this
  • Jeannette Henderson Elizabeth joined ATA’s Little Stars when she was just five after bugging me for drama classes.

    I chose ATA after speaking to Lucy – I really liked the focus on building confidence and having fun and the inclusivity – giving every child an equal chance鈥See more2Hide or report this
  • Lauren Burger I love coming to all the arts on a Tuesday, it’s a place where I can have fun and make new friends. I’ve been coming for just over 8 years now and all the memories I have made are the best. I’m so grateful that I am now privileged to help with the litt鈥See more1Hide or report this
    • AuthorAll The Arts Theatre School Thanks Lauren, you are one of our original class members from back when we first opened our doors many moons ago, and you were a tiny shy little girl! Seeing you develop into a confident young lady is a joy and your solo at the Cabaret recently was outstanding, a very proud moment for us xx1Hide or report this
  • Claire Rameaux I chose New Eltham for Francesca 7 yrs ago because from a very young age she loved singing and acting and was adamant this was going to be her career path. The location and fees are also very good. Feedback from friends also attracted us. She still loves it and has made so many friends and performed at many amazing places. Thank you to everybody involved.Hide or report this
  • Becky Stuart My daughter teigan joined all the arts at age 8, she is now nearly 10 & she absolutely loves attending on a Tuesday evening, it is the high light of her wk, she really looks forward to going every wk, I chose to send her to ATA as when I looked up loc鈥See moreHide or report this
    • AuthorAll The Arts Theatre School Hi becky, thanks for the wonderful feedback, Teigan is a delightful class member and her confidence has improved dramatically in sessions, she is becoming a real star to follow xHide or report this
  • Claire White I think I could be a talent scout!! just been through over 500 pictures Senior Cabaret and can definitely spot some stars (In my own opinion) xxx They are all stars I just love the ones that shine brightly xx1Hide or report this
  • Karen Healy Wow where do I start. Olivia has been at ATA since she was 6 and she’s now 13. To say she loves attending is an understatement! Her week revolves around it. ATAs has given her so many opportunities to perform in all different venues from local events t鈥See more1Hide or report this
  • Lauren Louise Elphick All The Arts has made a huge impact on my life! I used to be a kid who didn’t know who they wanted to do and now – because of all the arts – I can see myself doing anything other than musical theatre. The staff are fantastic and the pupils are amazing;鈥See moreHide or report this3
    • AuthorAll The Arts Theatre School Lauren, that’s lovely. You are a joy to teach and watching you progress over the years has been amazing.You are so supportive of others in the class and always have a smile on your face and it is these qualities that make you stand out as a natural performer. It was a delight to see you ‘running the show’ at Ruxley recently too xx3Hide or report this
  • Sheree Kirby I initially chose ATA for Alex due to age range, cost and location and thought it would help with his confidence. I do not drive and the classes at different venues meant Mottingham was easy to get to for us. Little Stars was the age range for Alex an鈥See moreHide or report this
  • Melanie Hill I chose ATA for lots of reasons; price and locality mainly and that they took children as young as 3, which is when my children started. My son is now 10 and still loves going every week. My children didn’t need the confidence boost but really enjoyed drama and all the opportunities that ATA provide. They have developed my children’s acting skills, dance and singing skills . My kids love coming back every weekHide or report this
  • Riana Morrison-Kirnon I joined ATA after my mum recognised my healthy expression of emotion through dance. This was very important for my development at the time. The dance company I was with before gave me limited opportunities to perform. My mum felt it was time to move o鈥See moreHide or report this
  • Adam Reggio I started all the arts 9 years ago I was not very confident and shy , but going to the classes it has made me to be who I want to be and to follow my dreams , All the Arts are fantastic and fun and my 2nd family I love them all …. XxHide or report this
    • AuthorAll The Arts Theatre School We love you too Adam and we are so proud that 9 years on you continue to challenge yourself, take on new projects and are still so enthusiastic and supportive, you make it all worthwhile xHide or report this
  • Helen Nobbs Lois started Ata at 3 , id searched for theatre / drama classes and Ata offered excellent value for money and classes suitable for her age . She carries on going ( different location now due to my work days changing ) as she loves it and it is still great value! She’s had lots of opportunities and made lots of friends , we’ve never felt she’s under any pressure to perform etc has been great for her confidence xxHide or report this
  • Melanie-Jane Burger Since joining ATA 7, 8 years ago it was more of a confidence boost for our Lauren. We have never looked back. She loves performing in the shows and enjoys the classes and still does. Location is good and classes are affordable 鉂わ笍1Hide or report thisView 2 more replies“Most relevant” is selected, so some replies may have been filtered out.
  • Della Russell I started my Reggie here because of friends recommendations about how brill it is, he absolutely loves it and has thrived so much as well as it has helped build up his confidence and social skills!
    I think the only thing I鈥檇 like to see would poss be m鈥See moreHide or report this
    • AuthorAll The Arts Theatre School Hi Della, thank you for your lovely feedback. Reggie is doing so well in the little stars class and we all love teaching him each week. As this particular session is only 30 minutes, it really is all about fun and building confidence and obviously our 鈥See moreHide or report this
  • Diana Stoimenova I heartily recommend All The Arts Theatre School. I found them on FB, read all the lovely reviews and immediately had the feeling that it was what I was looking for! My son Martin loves everything you do! Thanks for your professionalism and hard work! It has definitely helped to build his confidence and self esteem.Thank you!!!Hide or report this
    • AuthorAll The Arts Theatre School Thank you Diana for the lovely review. We are so proud of Martin and the brilliant progress that he is making in classes! We鈥檙e really looking forward to seeing him again when classes resume next week 馃榾1Hide or report this
  • Tara Alexander My daughter Amelia Alexander has been at ATA for 7 or so months and has so far performed at Chislehurst rocks, had a speaking part in Shrek in the summer workshop and danced today in Bromley, she absolutely loves it and it has given her a massive confi鈥See moreHide or report this
    • AuthorAll The Arts Theatre School Hi Tara! So pleased that Amelia is enjoying classes, she is such a joy to teach and has made such tremendous progress in both confidence and ability, we are all
      So proud of her 馃榾Hide or report this
  • Cathy Blackett Friend recommendation & value for money – Sophie’s only been going for a few weeks but absolutely loves it1Hide or report this
  • Claire White My son has gone from hiding under the piano to standing on stage alone; saying and signing a poem about a Loose Tooth. The progress is fantastic; yes he has Down syndrome, Autism and ADHD but he is accepted, admired, included and inspired. You can quote me in that xx2Hide or report this
    • AuthorAll The Arts Theatre School Thank you for this Claire. Alfie was so fantastic at our drama festival and we were so proud of him. We are so lucky to have him at ATA, he is kind, hard working, enthusiastic and supportive to others. What a joy it is to have watched him grow up and develop over the past four years, our clsss just would not be the same without him, he is a delight 馃槏1Hide or report this