SYWTD Winners!!

We are back!

After a whole term in lockdown and we are so excited. This term we are finally able to launch our brand new senior Musical Theatre competition squad on Wednesdays in our brand new space in Bexley Village.
Imagine our disappointment when it seemed as though we wouldn’t have a chance to compete with this talented group last term!
However, in true ATA style, we decided not to let a silly thing like a national lockdown hold us back. We found an exciting online competition ‘SYWTD’ and worked super hard to put together our entry on Zoom. It was a HUGE challenge for our lovely teacher Amy and our pupils, but they managed to put a fantastic piece together in just three weeks with ‘It’s time to dance’.
On Sunday 29th March the competition was held live on Zoom and we all tuned in to watch the show. Imagine our excitement when we were announced as Winners! We scooped the prize for ‘Best Lockdown group’ which, quite honestly couldn’t be more apt given our pupils hard work and dedication since last March. We are over the moon to be recognised by the team at SYWTD. It didn’t stop there, Ben Salter, Billy Boreham and Jayla Shafak won first place in their sections, Danielle was placed in second, Imogen in 3rd and Lucy Clay and Aoife in 4th place.
Finally, though we are able to rehearse for competitions and shows face to face and this new class are making superb progress! We can’t wait to see what is in store this term as things begin to open up again. Watch this space…

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