Another term has come to an end and before we burst into the exciting summer term, we wanted to reflect on our pupils huge achievements over the past three months.

Confidence in performing is now through the roof! After two years of very little, due to the pandemic, we are thrilled to be taking part in shows and festivals galore. 

The Bromley festival saw us awarded truly outstanding results. Our pupils took the gold medal in no less than ten categories, six silver medals, four bronze and many, many honours certificates. Feedback from the adjudicators was exceptional and we are thrilled with the confidence and acting craft our pupils displayed.   

Another high point was our pupils performance at the beautiful Orchard Theatre in Dartford.  We tackled the challenging Sondheim classic ‘Sweeney Todd’ and it brought the house down.  Our pupils attacked this challenge with energy, charisma and skill and the performance has to be noted as one of our best to date. 

Last but not least we were delighted to welcome adjudicators James Lorcan, Angela Doherty and Emily Louise Connor to our centre on the last week of term to watch 600 solo drama performance delivered by our pupils. It was an amazing week and one that we are all so proud of. Every child from our smallest 3 year olds to our 21 year olds lit up the stage with a superb solo drama piece. The adjudicators feedback was outstanding and our audiences were supportive and proud. Everybody received a certificate to mark their progress and a chocolate egg! 

We thank our parents and pupils for their unwavering dedication and support. ATA Is positively blooming!