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Bromley Drama Festival 2024

Some superb Results at the Bromley Festival for our pupils who competed in what is Bromley’s biggest drama festival yet and made us all so proud of their performances. The adjudicator Dr Anita Downey told our pupils that they were exceptional and that she had been blown away by their performances and that their command of language and stage was a joy to watch. Thank you to our amazing drama team at ATA lead by the talented Craig Peters.

The Results:

  1. Arthur Moffat – Congratulations Arthur who came First Place in the Prose Speaking for Year 5
  2. Zofia Hill – Congratulations –  Year 6 Poetry Gold First Place and overall winner shield 
  3. Year 10-13 Shakespeare Gold First Place and overall Shield – Leon Taylor
  4. Year 4 Poetry – Gold First Place – Emilia Jones
  5. Year 6 and Under Shakespeare – Gold First Place – Arthur Moffat ( his second win)
  6. Year 6 Verse Gold First Place – Poppy Salter
  7. Year 7 Shakespeare – Gold First Place – Chloe Hinxman
  8.  Year 6 and Under Shakespeare – Silver Second Place – Ruby Salter
  9. Year 6 Silver Medal Second Place Poetry – Liyansa
  10. Year 6 Silver Medal Second Place Poetry – Chloe Green
  11. Year 10-13 Shakespeare Silver Second Place – Elizabeth 
  12. Year 4 Poetry – Bronze First Place – Iris
  13.  Year 7 Shakespeare – Bronze Third Place – Lana
  14. Outstanding performances from Ruby, Poppy & Hope
  15. Outstanding performance of Richard III from Evie

Well done everyone!