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Her Majestys Theatre Variety Performance

Her Majestys Theatre Variety Performance

We were delighted to be invited to perform at the iconic 'Her Majesty's' Theatre this month. We last performed at this venue over ten years ago and amazingly a few of our pupils who performed at this venue back then, also took part in this recent show.

We had decided to take out our oldest pupils, ranging from 13-17yrs and we were DELIGHTED with the response from our students, with so many wishing to take part. It was then over to our creative team Lucy, Craig, Darren & Daisy to devise, choreograph and costume the performance.

We decided to include pieces from Matilda, Chicago and a contemporary pop piece to Fleur Easts 'Sax'. With 50 pupils involved and a good mixture of boys and girls, hard work was put in to ensure that all of our pupils had a chance to be featured in the lime light. Partner work was developed, lifts and tricks added and detailed patterns created to ensure that we could show case our team to the very best of their ability.

After several last minute dashes to the ATA costume storage and several dance shops, costumes were finalised - Chicago all in black, school uniforms created for Matilda and a commercial pop vibe for Sax, we were ready!

As always, reheasals went quickly and were great fun and we were soon on our way to the West End by coach! We were delighted to have a huge dressing room at the top of the theatre and our troops lept straight into the dress rehearsal with energy and enthusiasm. Then followed a short break ( including a quick nap during which Craig told us one of his self-penned stories) and finally it was show time!!!

We have to say, we were extremley proud teachers watching our young stars from the wings. We all felt that this performance was one of our best yet. Our students gave 100% commitment to all three numbers, executing their routines with style and panache and taking onboard all notes given through out rehearsals.

At 11pm, tired but proud ,we were all on our way home from the theatre. A job well done from all involved and a huge thank you to Jillian & Kat for their endless patience and help chaperoning.

Here's a few comments from our parents and pupils:

Thank you for all of your hard work the show was fantastic they were amazing so proud of them and thank you for Jessica's cake that was a Lovely surprise a great way to spend her birthday dancing on stage - Patricia Routley

Thank you for an incredible opportunity and a wonderful finale to my 11 years at All The Arts. Well done to all the pupils and teachers for all their hard work. We all performed our best and loved every minute - Georgina Doig

Honestly, this was one of the best shows I have seen Emma in, and I've seen lots. Thanks to all at ATAs and well done to everyone. It was fantastic - Marie Newton

Well done to everyone involved. I totally agree with other comments it was the best so far xx. So sad it was Emma's last show with yourselves but can honestly say by far it was one of the best shows I have ever seen, so professional. Chicago medley was outstanding. Thank you for all your hard work you should all feel very proud of yourselves. Xxxx - Dawn White

Thankyou so much for an amazing opportunity and thank you for making my birthday special - Jessica Routley

ATA team thank you very much2764.png,was totally amazing the fantastic superstars absolutely brilliant - Tina Smitas

Brilliant performance. Lovely show. Well done to all who performed and to all who helped make it possible xx - Sam Mckerrell

Thank u all at ATA. IT WAS AMAZING! - Elaine Turnball

 They absolutely smashed it! Well done and thank you to everyone at All the Arts x x - Vanessa Turnball

Thanks to all at ATA The show was amazing really enjoyed the Chicago piece - Tracey Banks

Thank you so much for an amazing opportunity and could not have done it with a better group of people - Lauren Filer

Brilliant once again. Well done everyone  - Jenna Smith

What a fantastic show ATA were amazing x just a shame they don't do a dvd would have been a fantastic memory to keep x all the hard work by all really paid off xx thank you to all involved x - Michelle Lyons

Fabulous show - Well done everyone - and thanks ATA xx - Sharon Kitson

They totally smashed it!!! Thankyou for all your hard work xxx - Nicola Hill


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