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All the Arts FLASHMOB!!!!!

All the Arts FLASHMOB!!!!!

We were excited to be invited by Visit Chislehurst to orchestrate a Flashmob in Sainsbury's in Chislehurst High Street on Saturday. The event was set up to promote the Chislehurst Pumpkin Hunt, which our Little Stars Class have performed in for the last couple of years.

We were thrilled with the interest in this 'secret' project from our pupils and with over 40 pupils wishing to take part, we had to move quickly to create an interesteding and spectacular piece of theatre. With only two sessions to rehearse, our pupils worked tirelessly on our routine to 'Thriller', taking the project very seriously and even devising their own idea's to make the Flashmob experience as dynamic as possible for local shoppers.

On the performance day, our gang did a brilliant job of arriving in Sainsbury's from 8:00am and masquerading as 'shoppers'. They did such a great job, that security approached the store manager ( who was in on the surprise) to inform him that they had noticed 'A large amount of teenagers wearing hoodies' entering the store.

At exactly 9am the Flashmob commenced, with a brilliantly confident start by our lovely Riana, soon to be joined by Jake, Callum and then the rest of our fabulous dancers. The performance created real spectacle in the supermarket and a large crowd formed to watch the routine! once the routine was finished, our Flashmob team disappeared seamlessly back into the crowd of Saturday shoppers!

A brilliant job done by all involved and we are delighted to have made the front page of The Bromley Times and The Newshopper!!!

Copy and paste the following link to see our brilliant team in action!



Kids performing The Wizard of Oz at All The Arts Summer School
All The Arts kids performing onstage at The stag Theatre in Sevenoaks
All The Arts student Nancy Kitson performs Les Miserables at The Stag Theatre
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